YAGÁN FILMS is an audiovisual production company dedicated to sound post- production and content executive production.

We are a young company, created at the beginning of 2017, with a team formed by producers, sound engineers, and filmmakers with experience in audiovisual media.


We are strongly oriented to provide modern and quality solutions to artistic and technical problems for film, television, and other visual media projects.

YAGÁN FILMS aims to give a new air to the local scene, seeking to meet the expectations of filmmakers and their projects in a responsible and committed way, to collaborate and be a contribution to each of the audiovisual pieces in which we participate.



Led by the talented and renowned Christian Cosgrove (A Bear Story). YAGÁN FILMS offers a studio of international standards with 5.1 and 7.1 technolog.

Since 2018 we use Atmos Home and Atmos Theater through an alliance with Southernova studio in the United States.

We believe that experimentation is an essential part of the creative process, we work closely with clients to help them achieve the auditory experience that fully complements their vision, we have maintained YAGÁN FILMS as a gathering place for solutions to audiovisual and new media.


Since the end of 2018 we offer Executive Production services for projects in development or post-production stage, for professional audiovisual works from beginning to end, fostering the best life span, and understanding their visibility from the start and upon completion.




Since our inception we believe that it is necessary to contribute with our experience to different film projects that are still in the editing stage, and do not have the financial resources to finish their work properly,

 that is why we have partnered with various national and international festivals, to bestow a sound post-production prize in Work in Progress competitions.


We are a young company, created at the beginning of 2017, with a team of experienced producers, sound engineers, musicians, and filmmakers,

in both national and foreign audiovisual media, strongly oriented to provide modern quality solutions to artistic and technical problems for film and television projects.




Is a Sound Engineer with more than 15 years of experience in Post-Sound Production for audiovisual works in different fields such as Advertising, TV Series, Films and Documentaries.

He was formerly associated with major production houses in Chile, such as, Atomica, Filmosonido and Sonamos.

Among his top achievements are the sound design and mixing for the short film “Historia de un Oso” (Story of a Bear), from Punkrobot production company, winner of the Academy Award in 2016, as well as “I Am Little Red” (USA, 2017), a short film from the same production company. He has also participated in the feature films: “31Minutos:The feature“, “Grado 3“, “Vida de Familia“, “El Cristo Ciego“, “La vida de los Peces” by Matías Bize, “Baby Shower“, “El Fumigador” (Best Film SANFIC 2016), “Medea” Costa Rica, and “El Pacto de Adriana“, among many others.

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Is a filmmaker graduated from the Chile Film School, with a major in Film Production. She has worked for national and international advertising projects, as well as, fiction and documentary feature and short films.

In 2013 she produced the first Valparaiso Audiovisual Encounters (EAV). Former Executive producer of Retina HD (image postproduction company).

Since 2014 she has served a Jury member in different international film festivals: FICVIÑA, FIDOCS, FICG, among others.

She is currently a Partner and Executive Producer at YAGÁN FILMS.

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With more than 13 years of experience in audiovisual production for film, television, advertising and teaching.

He has participated in various audiovisual projects as post producer and producer: “Stefan vs Kramer”, “Ojos Rojos”, “Carne de Perro”, “Sitiados”, “El Replazante”, “Los Archivos del Cardenal”, “El bosque de Karadima”, “El fumigador”, “El Pacto de Adriana”, “Swing and Others”.

He is currently Executive Producer for YAGÁN FILMS and Lapost Productions.

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Hernán Cortés 3136, Ñuñoa, Santiago

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